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This online course contains all the training an Iowa resident needs to obtain their Iowa Permit to Carry Weapons, and is taught by an Iowa Attorney who is also an NRA-certified instructor and gun-rights enthusiast. The class consists of a 40 minute long video, some brief reading, and a short quiz. Most people finish the course within an hour, right from their phone or computer. Upon finishing this course, you will be provided with a completion certificate that you show to your local sheriff when you obtain your Iowa Permit to Carry Weapons.

Meet your Instructor: Attorney and NRA-Certified Instructor Eric D. Puryear

Eric D. Puryear is the NRA-certified instructor who teaches this course. In addition to being a firearms instructor, he is also an Attorney at Law in Iowa and Illinois, and long-time supporter of gun rights. His experience includes defending people who have been criminally charged after using a gun in self defense, and he brings that experience to this permit to carry weapons course in the hopes of ensuring his students avoid legal problems if they ever find themselves needing to use a gun in self defense. Eric lives and works in Iowa.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Who should take this class?

    Iowa residents who want to obtain their Permit to Carry Weapons can take this course to meet the state-mandated training requirement for that permit.

  • What is the format of this class?

    This class consists of a 40-minute video lecture, some reading, and a brief quiz at the end. The class takes about an hour and is entirely online. You can take this class right from your phone, tablet, or computer.

  • Is this this class I need to get a concealed carry permit in Iowa?

    The short answer is "yes" although please read below for more information on terminology and improvements to Iowa's gun laws that make the Permit to Carry Weapons optional. The long answer is that In Iowa, there is no such thing as a "concealed carry" permit. Instead, there is a "Permit to Carry Weapons." Prior to July 1, 2021 a person who wished to carry a firearm (either open or concealed) needed a Permit to Carry Weapons. The was was improved starting July 1, 2021 such that the permit is no longer required for qualified individuals. The requirement that an Iowa resident have either a Permit to Acquire or Permit to Carry Weapons before obtaining a handgun was also eliminated, effective July 1, 2021. However, there are two main benefits to obtaining an Iowa Permit to Carry Weapons: 1. Reciprocity with other states. Some states will allow an Iowa resident to carry a firearm only if that Iowa resident has a Permit to Carry Weapons. 2. Easier gun purchases. Having an Iowa Permit to Carry Weapons eliminates the need to go through a separate background check on each new gun purchase, saving time and paperwork.

  • Who teaches this class?

    This class is taught by Attorney at Law and NRA-certified instructor Eric D. Puryear. Eric has taken many gun cases to trial in Iowa and Illinois, and brings that legal experience to this course.

  • How can I purchase this class?

    You can make payment using a credit card by clicking the "Buy" button near the top of this page. You will then have instant access to the class. Within an hour, you can have your Iowa Permit to Carry Weapons training completed! Or, if you wish to make the purchase using a cryptocurrency such as Bitcoin or Litecoin, you can make that purchase by clicking the following link. Once your cryptocurrency payment is completed, you will be given a coupon code to enter on this website to take the class. Click here to purchase using cryptocurreny

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